Saturday, 3 November 2018

Last minute Diwali outfit ideas

Hello Fam,

Diwali is just around the corner and I am sure all of you guys love this festival of lights and celebration and rituals. In the chaos of all the pre-Diwali cleaning and sweets making and decoration planning, we often miss out on shopping for Diwali. If you are someone lazy, like me, these 3 outfit ideas might come in handy to you. You can use these ideas not just for Diwali, but for any Indian festival as well. 

Look 1: "Color Blocking"

I have kept this look very simple, yet it looks quite decked up. I have taken two plain skirts/lehengas and layered them on each other. You can take one printed and one plain lehenga as well. I am wearing a solid black crop top as a blouse. Again, you can experiment with your blouse if you are keeping both the bottoms plain. This look is very experimental and you can actually switch up any one of the three outfit pieces that I have used (either an experimental blouse or a different lehenga). Keeping the look simple, I have paired it up with a chunky choker neckpiece. These kind of neckpieces are trending and grabbing the attention everywhere. I have completed the look with my favorite strappy block heels.

Look 2: "Layering"

If you are an avid follower, you must be knowing how much I love layering. All three of my looks have layering in it, but this one is based on layering alone. Remember how we used to wear these long maxi tops which kinda looked like a kurti, yet not a kurti? I have taken one of those tops and layered it over a printed palazzo. I have layered the kurti, again, with a shrug. For the accessory, I have used a simple mangtika and that's it. While styling this look, remember to keep all the three outfit pieces from the same color family. I went with a monochromatic palette, but keeping Diwali in mind, I have used very less amount of black in my look. It can be a bit difficult to find three different pieces from the same color family, but your mom's wardrobe always comes handy!

Look 3: "Not so conventional"

Now I know a lot of you might not find this as the right kinda traditional dress for Diwali. But I wanted to keep this as one of the looks. Partly because of my love for black and party because not everyone wants to go with the conventional Indian wear. I have taken a solid black jumpsuit and paired it with a long kurta which I have styled it as a jacket. For the accessory, I am wearing a long silver neckpiece and a silver Chand Bali earrings. I have completed the look with the same black heels that I have used in all the three looks. Now for this look, you can use a different colored jumpsuit as well. But then again, keep in mind that the kurta and the jumpsuit colors are balanced and not poles apart.

So this was my 3 quick looks for Diwali. Let me know which ones you liked. And if you use any of these hacks then make sure to tag me on Instagram and I will share those looks on my story.

Lastly, wishing you all a Happy and Safe Diwali. Keep the environment clean and think about all the street dogs before bursting those crackers.

And yes,
Keep it chic!
The Chic Gazette

Monday, 23 July 2018

Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash

Hello guys,

Himalaya has recently launched their "Fresh Start Oil Clear Face wash". Now, Himalaya is a brand which we have all used in our teenage years and some of us still do. Personally, I am an addicted user of Himalaya's Neem face wash. Coming to the topic of the blog, Himalaya had sent me these newly launched oil clear face wash, along with some other goodies, for review. And me being me, I was too happy to join the Himalaya fam.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Basics made interesting

So I definitely have to start off the blog by saying "it has been ages since I blogged last". As you all know, I am coming up with quite a few (I know it's not a lot) videos on YouTube. I just got so engrossed and involved in it that whatever new ideas I have I end up with a YouTube video for it. BTW if you have not yet subscribed to my channel then do it right away (link), I got a custom URL!

So, of course for this idea, I had to make a blog. Basically, the blog is about basic simple looks but with a hint of style and a dash of glam to it. I have created three looks keeping the basic elements in mind and have added a twist to it to make it look interesting. Most of these looks are great for any occasion (I mean if the occasion is not formal) and for all age groups, So let's get started with the looks!