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Fighting blemishes!

All of us have faced pimple and acne problems in our life. Some in their teens or some due to environmental or genetic factors, the list goes on. I also face pimple problems which comes and goes according to its own wish. 

Today's post is going to be the longest one till now coz I am going to talk about 3 products that can calm the skin and fight those pimples for good. Now before you start using any of these products please keep this thing in mind that if you have just recently started using a new product for your blemishes then wait for it to show some results before switching to something new. There's no magic potion or cream in this world that can make your acne and spots disappear overnight, give it some time (and by time I mean at least a month). Applying and using too many products can also be the reason for your acne. It's your skin and it needs to breathe as well.

So my current 3 favorite products are:
1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
2. Patanjali Aloe Vera gel
3. Patanjali "saundarya" face wash

I am going to review each of these products individually. Hope it helps
you all out there in some way or the other.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

This is my most favorite product among all three. I am a faithful tea tree oil user from the past 3-4 years. 

Tea tree oil makes the skin dry which is basically the most important thing to fight pimples. Its really good for all kinds of skin problems: pimples, blackheads,whiteheads, pigmentation. I use it for pimples. I apply this before going to bed over my acne. Remember to clean your face with your suitable face wash and patting it dry before applying it.

Now there are many other brands available from which you can buy tea tree oil at a lesser price. but I am a fan of all TBS products and this particular product tops my list. TBS tea tree oil has a peppermint kind of smell and it gives the skin a cooling sensation like that of mint when applied. Some people can mix this feeling with a slight burning sensation. But trust me nothing wrong is happening with your skin. This sensation goes away within a minute or two. You will be able to see the results in 7 days. What it basically does is it wont suppress your acne, rather it will make the pimple head come really fast and then drying the pimple even more faster. It flattens out those huge painful pimples within 2-3 weeks.

You can use it for acne marks as well but it took a really really long time to go away for my skin. Results can vary according to your skin type. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil comes in a very small glass bottle with a plastic cap. It comes in two different bottles:10 ml quantity costing Rs. 695 and 20 ml costing Rs. 1295 . I know its a bit expensive compared to the quantity, but trust me its totally worth its price. Also the bottle lasts really long. I find the packaging to be travel friendly. Also I have dropped this bottle a lot of times but it does't break. 

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

Patanjali has always been able to give us results. And now because of its huge marketing skills it has grown recognition and is easily available unlike before.

Aloe vera is really good for all skin types. It has some kind of healing power which makes your skin problem disappear. The best thing about aloe vera is that it will give moisture to the dry skin whereas it will reduce oiliness for acne prone skin. It just gets adapted to your skin requirement.

Coming back to this particular Patanjali gel, it comes in a transparent tube kind off bottle with a flip cap. I bought the 60 ml tube for Rs. 40 which I think would be the cheapest aloe vera gel with these kind of results. It is said to be good for acne and marks and even hair. I just apply it on my face in the same way before going to sleep and after washing my face. Again this gel gives a cooling sensation when applied. But this is more of a calm cooling kind of sensation. 

I apply it for my spot treatment and it works within 2-3 days. Also it smoothens my face and it gives a glow to the skin. I don't know what or how it works on, but I feel really good about my skin with 2-3 days of application and so I apply it every night even when I don't have any skin problems.

Patanjali "saundarya" face wash

Again this is a Patanjali product. They have a lot of variant in their face wash. I got this particular one for my oily skin. 

This face wash contains orange peel, neem, tulsi and aloe vera. Now I don't think I need to tell the benefits of each of these elements for acne prone people. So I am not going to bore you with each of its benefits and will move to its review.

Coming back, this face wash again comes it the similar tube packaging with a flip cap. Yes it's travel friendly. I got the 60g tube for Rs.60. This tube lasts really realllyyy long. That's coz one needs to use just a pea sized amount as it lathers a lot. Yes it cleans the face completely off dirt and makeup but it also gives a slight glowly feel which goes away after sometime.

Now before any of you start using this face wash, you should know that it really really dries out your skin and you will have to apply a moisturizer after it. Since my skin is so oily that's why I don't apply any moisturizer cause after 1-2 hours my face starts becoming normal.

Now I use these 3 products to make my skin flawless and to fight acne and spots. The results can vary from skin to skin. Always do a test application of any new product that you start to see if it suits your skin or not. Apart from all this, it's really important to keep yourself hydrated and to have a good and right amount of sleep. The skin repairs itself between 11 pm-2 am, so always relax and sleep especially during that time. And yes remember to be patient (I know it's not easy).

Face wash: Patanjali "saundaryaface wash ( buy here and here; Gel: Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel (buy here);
Tea Tree Oil: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (Buy herehere and here)

Hope this post helps you all in all the ways possible.

Keep it chic!
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