Wednesday, 28 December 2016

DIY - Multiple random stitched fabric

Hello everyone

So I am back with another post. This post basically involves how to use a lot of old clothes (which are just lying around in your old clothes bundle) and turn it into something good.  

While I was pursuing my Textile Designing, we had to create a lot of small 10" x 10" clothing samples of tie and dye. Recently I stumbled into them and decided to make some good use of it. So what I basically did was cut them into more smaller and equal square pieces and randomly stitched them with
each other (the way you would arrange bricks). 

Result was I got a big piece of fabric which I could make use of in whatever way I want to. So I immediately went to a tailor and asked him to turn it into a shrug with a bright red colored lining.

Now any person can do this with their old jeans, towels, dupattas, scarfs or even with your  apparels. Theirs just certain points while making a stitched fabric:

  • Make sure that all the fabrics are of the same material. Here in this shrug all my square pieces were cotton. You can use any other material but it has to be the same.
  • It is not important that all the pieces be of the same size but it has to be a square or a rectangle. It can be a bigger square or a thin rectangle.
  • It is not important to have prints or textures in your small pieces. It can be a combination of plains and printed fabrics; or it can be all plain with different colored fabrics; or it can also be with the same color tones but different prints.
  • Do not use a stretchable fabric as that would result in a disoriented big fabric.

Now I have styled this shrug with a high waist dark blue denim which is so in trend currently. Along with that I am wearing a black camisole with a chunky neck-piece. I have completed the look with a black and white strappy flats. Its not always convenient for everyone to wear heels which is when footwear like these come in handy which are soo comfortable and stylish all at the same time.

Shrug: Coutloot (buy here); Camisole: Amazon (buy here);
Jeans: B.K. Market, Kolkata (buy similar here); Footwear: B.K. Market (buy similar here)

I hope you liked this post and what I did with my old leftover fabrics. Here I have made a shrug out of my stitched fabric but you can alternatively make some other apparel or you can also make it into a cushion cover, wall hanging, table cloth or any other possible clothing.

If you liked this shrug and want to buy than you can buy it exclusive at Coutloot app, just search "vaishali jain" and you will find many more of my outfits along with this shrug from where you can order it online.

Hope this post was helpful for you all. Do show me your created stitched fabric in the comment below.

Keep it chic!
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