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Stuff girls can wear from men's section

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Girls, we love to shop and often we overindulge ourselves. So who wont love to add new outfits to their wardrobe without spending any extra penny? Today's post is gonna be all about stuff that you can buy from men's section. You can borrow these clothes from your dad, brother or your boyfriends. Now I have come up with 3 different looks for this post. 

1. Classic T-shirt

The most basic thing we can try from menswear is t-shirts. They can be printed or in solid colors, whatever you like. Personally, I love the prints available for men's t-shirt.
Like for example the one I am wearing, you will hardly find any tees available with such cute designs for girls (at least not in India). 

T-shirt: Myntra (buy here); Jeans: Mango (buy here)
Footwear: B.K. Market, Kolkata

I have folded my sleeves to give it a fitted look. If your T-shirt is of full sleeves than you can just pull up the sleeves till your elbow, making some gatherings (you see this in look 3) and you are good to go. Accessorizing your outfit can give a more feminine look to this T-shirt style.

I have completed my look with a z-black denim and these super comfy flats. You can carry these kind of tees with hot pants or those trendy high waist skirts. 

2. Full Sleeves T-shirt

The second look, as you can see is the men's shirt. Shirts are an ever green trend and so are boxy outfits. You are getting both the trends in one. What more can a girl want?

Now this look can be a bit tricky and if done wrong than it will totally be a lose lose. First things first, fold those long, loose sleeves neatly. You can make it as short as you want, it can be till elbow or above elbow. But just remember, the shorter the sleeves-the bigger the folds (otherwise the folds will become really thick and it wont look good). I have added waist belt with the shirt but if you want you can eliminate the belt.

Shirt: Louis Philippe (buy here); Jeans: Mango (buy here)
Heels: Jabong (buy here); Belt: Stalk Buy Love (buy here)

Here I have completed the look with the same z-black jeans and pointy stilettos. The shorter beauties can wear men's shirt as a dress as well with some chunky neck-pieces and you are ready for any party. 

3. Sweater/Pullover

This is my personal favorite! I love to shop winter wear- sweater and especially pullover from men's section. I find them super comfy and effortless. Its not OTT and nor understated. Whenever I feel like not getting decked up, I just pull out these sweaters and am good to go.

I have pulled the sleeves and made gathering at the elbow. Also because this sweater had a big neck, I made it into an off shoulder and added these colorful bows to give it a cute-feminine look. I have completed the look with a faded blue ribbed denim and my favorite block heels.

Sweater: Blackberrys (buy here); Jeans: B.K. Market, Kolkata
Bows: The Quirk Box(buy here); Heels: Forever 21 (buy here)

I hope you liked all the 3 looks and the way I have styled all the 3 clothing pieces. I don't really like accessorizing a lot but you can go crazy and make all these looks into a party wear. Remember, don't wear something which is of your size, that wont give a boxy look, wear something than is 2-3 times bigger than your own size. If you have any more looks that you can steel from you dad, brother or boyfriend than let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post than do subscribe to my blog. 

Keep it chic!

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