Saturday, 29 April 2017

Little White Dress

We have all heard of the LBDs. Every girl owns one and cant live without it. But very few of us think of that little white dress. In the early 19th century, a white tubular gown was what the LBD is today. It is a neutral color and can be paired with any other color. And its the best color choice for the summer (especially the heat we are facing in Kolkata! black is a big NO).

So here I have come up with a look that has a simple lacy white dress. Some of you might think that laces are so out and old. But I have never really understood these fashion trends that go out of  order! I mean, fashion is what we like to wear and feel comfortable in, right? This is something you wont hear from a style blogger. But my choice of fashion is somewhat different. One can always carry a lacy dress or top with the right attitude.

Here I have taken a Lacey dress from Desi Charm
Desi Charm is my in-house brand and outfits designed by me. You can choose any outfit and customize it to your own size. If you want you can even request for some other color options. as well. Now coming back to the look, I have worn the lace dress alone without any accessorize coz I quite liked this design. I have paired it with a strapy stilettos. This look is great for any brunch with your friends. Adding some chunky neck-pieces and a belt  will make this a perfect party look.

Dress: Desi Charm (buy here and here);
Footwear: Jabong (buy here)

Very few people want to experiment with white. But its such a pure and neutral color and this color comes very handy when experimenting with different colors and elements of fashion. Whites can be difficult to maintain but than so are so many of our other outfits. Hope you liked the way I have styled this dress and the design as well. Looking forward to more of white outfits from all you readers. Keep them posted in the comments section below.

Keep it chic!
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