Thursday, 4 May 2017

Fusing Fashion

I have never been into Kurtis and those casual Indian wear. Either I am completely into western outfits or the complete "tam-jham" Indian wear that are reserved for weddings and functions only. Recently I got many goodies from Myntra and one of the outfit was a Kurtis. Initially I was not willing to go for this casual Indian look. But then I  opened my Myntra app and checked out the collection of Imara (brand name from which I received my Kurti). Being somewhat the anti-Indian wear, I really liked their collection. It had the right balance of traditional touch with the modern look. Finally I decided to go out of my comfort zone
and try a fusion wear which would combine some western elements that I would be comfortable in and it would also give the whole of this Indian Kurti an edgy look. 

I have taken a pair of ripped denim with the Kurti and a casual loafers. Inspiration behind the look being fusion fashion, I have added some boho accessories like the set of 3-bangles and bright pink pom-pom earring as a neck-piece. I have also added a funky rocket bag which I also received from Myntra (will be talking about this bag in my next post). And the aviator for that complete desi-swag.

Kurti: Imara (buy here); Jeans: B. K. Market, Kolkata;
Loafers: B.K. Market, Kolkata; Bangles: Gift from Phuket; 
Neckpiece: Earring worn as neckpiece, Jewel Quest;
Bag: Aceesorize (buy here)

Hope you liked my fusion fashion. It was something I had never tried before but I quite liked the whole look. Do check out the Imara collection for such fusion wear inspiration. 

Keep it chic!
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    1. Thank you so much ShaiK Sameera...Do spread the love and support :))