Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Monday blues much..?

Being a style blogger, I have to keep up with the latest trends and experiment with my looks. I have to come up with new fashion hacks and style statements which will make me stand out but also keep me at par with the top bloggers. Yes. I have always been into fashion and style but to be a blogger, its a lot! My style has to be inspirational and very unique to attract more and more followers. I was never into accessorizing, but after starting a style blog, I can understand the importance of accessory and now mostly I am in the look out to stack my my closet with accessories. I need to think
of ways to make the simplest of the outfits look chic and different. Basically, being a style blogger is not an easy task as it looks like! 

We all have some looks which we don't intend to create, but just coincidentally gets created and end up looking good. Today's post is about one such look that I created without any inspiration. Recently I had to go out for a brunch with my friend who was in town just for a week. I was in no mood to dress up and was feeling blue. We all have such days when we want to cozy up at our home, watching TV and doing all the lazy stuff. So I had to wear something comfy which would keep me relaxed. I have always been comfortable in jeans and trousers rather than dresses and skirts. So I thought of wearing these palazzo pants which I had hidden in some corner of my closet in the color blue, matching my mood. Next I moved on to a lacey off shoulder top which I am wearing it not-off-the-shoulder. I had bought this top last year from my visit to Manipur. This top is very easy-breezy and effortless. I wanted to have minimal accessory so I just took out these silver coin necklace and a broad waist belt to complete the look. Being comfort in my mind, I opted for these soft comfy flats in black and decided to head out. When I looked myself in the mirror, the whole look turned out to look really good (even with the simplest of the elements) and so I had to post this look for my blog.

Looking fashionable does not have to be all about expensive clothes and OTT accessories and makeup and drama. One can look beautiful in the easiest of the fashion elements. Before deciding to be a blogger, these were the kind off looks that I used to wear mostly. Once in a while I do pull out such simple looks, after all my old self inspired me to be what I am now. Hope you guys liked my Monday blues look. Do show me your coincidental chic looks. I am sure all of you have one or will end up creating one in the future. Until then..

..keep it chic!
the CHIC gazette.

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