Thursday, 11 May 2017

Not just suit, but bodysuit

Bodysuits are storming the fashion world these days. And why not, they look so good and chic. Yup you need to have a fabulous figure to flaunt one. But their are some tricks that would help anyone to carry bodysuits like a pro.
  • Go for something that's high waist; jeans or maxi skirts, high-low skirts, culottes,anything that's high. What it does really is helps in hiding those belly bulges.
  • Opt for shrugs or jackets which will just add more drama to your look.
  • Carry a stole or a dupatta and hang it like an inverted-U around your neck. Fix the dupatta with a waist belt. This also helps a lot in hiding those bulges.
  • What about the bodysuits which has noodle straps or plunging necklines? Well if you are not comfortable in carrying something like this, you can always wear a basic t-shirt inside your bodysuit. But remember the t-shirt needs to be as fitted as the bodysuits are.
  • Accessorize your look. Statement necklace and body-chains along with broad waist belts help a lot in balancing the attention of your look from bodysuit to accessories.
Here were some of the ways you could style your bodysuits. Their could be many other ways which I have not yet thought about. But I am sure these points would help all the girls to rock a bodysuit.

Coming back to the look of this blog post, I wanted to buy a bodysuit from a very long time, but the common fear of it being for the perfect figured beauties always stopped me from buying one. Finally I found one Forever 21 bodysuit in black, yes black makes you look thin (not a myth!), which would help me perfectly in hiding my belly bulge. Also it was not that revealing and not all covered. I just could not take off my eyes from the amazing detailing it has at the sleeves and shoulder. 

I have used one of the trick which I talked about, the high waist jeans. I have completed the look with a multicolored tribal earrings which I had bought from my trip to Manipur. And the best part about this look is the rocket sling bag. Its from Accessorize and you can check out the brand exclusively at Myntra. These kind off quirky bags are very trendy these days. My whole look is very neutral and nothing very dramatic. This sling bag just ads to the drama quotient and completes my whole look. I have completed the look with black platform heels from Catwalk.

Hope you guys find these tricks useful in flaunting a bodysuit. If you don't want to hide your bodysuit and flaunt it the way it is, one can always wear tummy tuckers and bodysuit inner-wears for these kind of outfits. 

Keep it chic!
the CHIC gazzette

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