Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Vogue or Conventional? 1.0

There's no denying that we girls love to shop. And there's also one fact that we girls actually need a variety of clothes! We have a set of clothes for casual wear, then there's this whole collection of party wear and not to forget those beautiful wedding outfits. The type of clothes in all these categories is another story. Boys have it so easy, they can go to the office in formals and wear the same formals to a party or wedding in the night. 

Imagine we girls wearing the same outfit from day to night? Well, let's save that thought for some other post and take baby steps into using the same piece of clothing for more than one occasion.
We tend to block our thought process by making a judgment that an outfit is just made for partying or for a wedding and the two cannot be ever mixed. But we are so wrong. Small elements play a very important role in changing the look of any outfit. I have created two such looks with one same top but both the looks are very different from each other, yes, both go for different occasions.

Lets get started...

LOOK 1: "in vogue"

The first look is the basic look which we tend to make with such tops. Its all about a cocktail party look, that's great for the night. This look is all about chic-ness and voguish-ness. It had the printed midi-skirt in black and white, a contrast with the color of the top. A choker in the neck and strappy block heels complete this look. Its effortless and has very minimal elements but its a hit for any party.

We tend to make a mistake of going OTT with our party outfits, especially with accessories. But its very important to keep in mind that we are here to move and dance. Our outfit needs to be stylish but comfortable at the same time. 

That was all for LOOK 1. Lets move to the next look.

LOOK 2: "conventional much?"

This is one look that not many of us think of with such a top. But as promised, I am trying to make this top very traditional and very wedding-ish. Now, obviously we need to cover those legs and not with jeans, so the only other option I had was a black maxi skirt. Alternatively one can also wear embellished skirts and lehengas. I have made a belt out of an old Anarkali, which had all these Indian motifs and was embroidered of course. 

Traditional outfits are incomplete without accessories. So to add a lot of drama, I have taken two silver neck-pieces. Its giving the illusion of one big neck-piece. Along with that, I am wearing a hand cuff kind off thing which is actually a mangtikka. 

If we notice closely, the top and the maxi skirt are both western elements. Whats making this look traditional is the jewelries and the belt- which is completely Indian.  

I hope you guys liked both the looks. Very soon I will try to post a look with the same outfit from day to night. Accessories are all that matters to change the look of any outfit and its very important to invest in one rather than buying a new outfit for every occasion and party. Signing off..

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