Monday, 24 July 2017

#Fashion Hack (skirt as a dress)

Everyone needs some fashion hack now and then. It is very boring to wear the same clothes again and again in the same style. A lot of my post is a combination of 2-3 fashion hacks that I saw somewhere, on some other blogger or on social media somewhere. So let's start by adding some quirkiness to our look and wearing a maxi skirt as a midi dress. 

ps: It's going to be a very short post and I think most of you will get the post by just looking at the photos itself. 

I have taken a black maxi skirt, very simple and effortless. The skirt has a self-pleated kind-off thing to it (if I am using the right term). It has an elastic at its waist so I can adjust my skirt length by sometimes wearing it higher than my waist. So I thought, instead of wearing the skirt at a higher level, why not pull it up all the way to my chest and wear it as a tube dress. It had the needed support, thanks to the waist elastic. Now to add a ting more of fashion, I am wearing a blush pink off shoulder top inside my skirt/tube dress. I love accessorizing my outfits with a belt. It helps in giving more definition and structure to your look. So I have added a broad black belt over my skirt. To complete the look, I have added 2 different long neck pieces with a colorful bracelet. For the footwear, I have taken pink nude stilettos. Every girl should own nude heels, its versatile and goes with almost all the outfits- traditional or western!

This was just one way of styling a skirt as a dress. There are many more ways to wear your skirt:

  • If your skirt is short then you can always wear it as a top.
  • Another way is to just wear it as a tube dress, without any underneath the top, which will look perfect for dates. 
  • Layering your tube dress with some jacket or long shrug makes for a perfect casual day with your friends. 
  • One can also wear two skirts together- one as a top and the other as a skirt.
These were just some of my ideas. You can wear it in any other way possible. But make sure to tag me or post below pictures of your own fashion hack with skirts.

Hope you guys liked this fashion hack. If the skirt is of some stretchable material or has an elastic waist than it really helps. Otherwise, if your skirt waist is able to give the support for a tube dress/top, then you are good to go. I love writing about such hacks and DIYs. Its been really long since my last DIY. Will surely come up with some more soon. 

Keep it chic!
the CHIC gazette

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