Friday, 7 July 2017

#Ripped X Denim ft. Desi Charm

I have always had a love for highly distressed denim. But was quite sceptical to try one. I used to love the whole look all celebs and other bloggers used to pull with the ripped jeans. But when it came to my turn to buy one, I was always like "how can someone wear clothes that are completely torn and looks as if it has been taken out of a junkyard?". I have always been into more polished and anti-punk look and maybe I do have a slight OCD issue. Whatever the reason, I have never tried on the distressed and completely ripped jeans.

A few days back I got these Myntra gift coupons and I had pretty much done my shopping for 2-3 months .So I decided to use my free coupons on some distressed jeans. You know, its free and I wont regret buying it. Even after getting the denim, I was quite scared to keep it with me. But some of my "friend" quite liked it and forced me into keeping one. 

The next thing I know, I am working on this whole look ft. Desi Charm with the "sceptical" distressed jeans. Now, Desi Charm, as mentioned before is an in-house Chic Gazette brand and most of the stuff are my designs. Recently I designed this shrug which is really simple but has all those fringe and tassels and a boho vibe to it- something that I love a lot.

What I have done with the look is, I have taken a basic black tee along with my distressed jeans and layered it with the grey Desi Charm shrug. I have completed the look with a black platform heels and a chunky neck-piece worn as a bracelet.

Jeans: Myntra (buy here); Tee Shirt: Pantaloons;
Shrug: Desi Charm (buy here and here); Heels: Catwalk;
Bracelet: Neck-piece worn as bracelet (bought from New Market, Kolkata)

The whole look is very carefree and has a rough edge to it. Its not really my style but now I cant wait to experiment more with the distressed jeans. Stay stunned for more distressed denim love. And show your love for this look down below at the comments section. Do share this post if you like it with your friends and spread the chic-ness around.

Keep it chic!
the CHIC gazette