Saturday, 12 August 2017

Back to College Look

It is already August and more than a month that all the newbies have started their college life. College is all about experimenting and freedom and exploring new stuff. Personally, I had more fun in college than at school. I was lucky enough to be in a college than had no dress code restriction. And I have so soo many more memories in college, fashion stories and not to forget the fun at fests. College life can be fun, but intimidating for a few. It's like a fresh start where everyone wants to put their best foot forward.

Now I know I may be a bit late for this post, but I have created a college look that might help the newbies as well as the oldies in adding some elements and fashion bling to their college look.
We all know how much joggers has become a fashion statement for celebrities and stars. And why not, they are comfortable and stylish and very rogue. I have taken these grey denim joggers and styled it with a black top that has inverted cat face printed on it. I have chosen a classic monochrome color combination as my base look.

I recently purchased this scarf from an exhibition and really wanted to style it in my next look. So, to add a bit of drama, I have styled this skull printed scarf as a shrug. The scarf has colorful prints and tassel details ❤ in the corners. And I just fall for everything that has pompoms and tassels.

Next, I have accessorizes my outfit with a neck-piece that were actually huge big yellow earrings. The whole look had a lot of dark colors and this neck-piece adds that pop of color to the look. Have a closer look at how I made them into a neck-piece below.

Gone are the days when girls used to carry handbags and totes. it's the era of cute backpacks. To put all your essentials and of course notebooks, a backpack is a bang on accessory anyone can invest in. Also, it's very comfortable, especially when you go out for shopping or movies after college. Also, we all know one has to travel a lot from one class to the other tuition and different courses, the whole of our college life.

I have completed the look with these black shoes/ loafers (I don't know what they are). The black framed specs come to my rescue to give the whole look a geeky edge.

I hope you guys liked this look and I hope it helps out all the college students out there. Don't forget to explore and experiment, this is the time where you will start creating your first future steps towards your goal and what you want to be.

Keep it chic!
the CHIC gazette

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