Friday, 1 September 2017

Mixing Prints

So after much delay, I am finally writing a post on mixing prints. Now what is it exactly? Mixing prints basically involves different prints and textures being worn together. It is kind off a tricky hack to pull off and if done wrong than can look really bad! But there are some rules and safe prints to go with that can help you in pulling these looks effortlessly.

Now I am not at all a pro in combining and mixing different textures and so many colour palettes. So I have done my research from fashion magazines and other bloggers and celebs, there are some elements and tricks that you can keep in mind while mixing prints. But mixing prints is not everyone's cup of tea, heck, I don't like it either. I am more of a balanced kind off fashionista and I don't like too many colours and prints in my look. But there’s a first time for everything.

I have created 4 looks, with 4 simple rules
to crack the mixing print style. FAIR WARNING: it’s my first time that I am pulling such a look so there might be some styles which is just not your cup of fashion or you dint like it at all, but I have tried my best to look good.

LOOK 1: "go retro"

Black and white, in any shape-any size-any proportion, always rocks. Monochrome is such a colour palette which can never go wrong. So the first rule for mixing prints is going monochromatic. You don't even have to doubt your prints and texture because the colour itself will take care of the whole look. Moreover, you don't have to put any extra accessory or glam because black and white is a classic look and it will always look good.

LOOK 2: "stripes and polka dots"

There are some safe prints which can be mixed with any kind of prints. Stripes are one and polkas are the other. Stripes and polka dots are some prints that can blend very easily with any kind of colour, texture and print. You can mix stripes with a dramatic print or polka dots with lots of colours or vice versa, and both will look good. My look is more on the darker colour palette with just a hint of lemon dots in the culottes. But you can easily combine a colourful polka dots and shades of different stripes and still look good.

LOOK 3: "colour matters"

If you are feeling a bit experimental and want to try something different but still want to look like a normal can go with prints that belong to the same colour family. It can be a darker, medium and lighter shade of the same colour. I have taken a wraparound skirt, which is in light pink colour and a paisley printed top in a darker pink colour. There are other colours like black, blue and green but pink is the colour that you notice in the entire look. This look is more on the contemporary side, just to help you incorporate mixing prints in your traditional outfits.

LOOK 4: "the belt"

If you are feeling a bit more daring and want to mix a lot more colours and a lot more prints, theirs this simple secret- break your look with a neutral coloured belt. Your entire look can be in shades of rainbow and prints everywhere, but, so many colours and shades needs something to break the monotonous look. A simple way to do this is with a belt in a neutral colour, which can be placed anywhere at your torso area. Also one can place the belt where the two prints are meeting, like I have done in the previous look.

I hope you guys liked my hacks and looks on mixing prints. It’s not an easy thing to pull off. But I hope these simple rules help you out in creating something new. Do share your views and ideas.

Keep it chic!
the CHIC gazette

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