Monday, 25 December 2017

The Modern "Girl"

Hello Guys,

So, it has been a while since I wrote a blog post. I have mostly written about fashion and style hacks. But I have been feeling kind of inspirational lately and thought of writing about something which I think all the girls will relate to.

I have always been proud of being a girl and have always loved myself more than anything. But is it easy being a girl? We say that it's the 21st century and the world is changing and people are changing. But is the society actually changing? 

IT IS NOT EASY BEING A GIRL. Plain and simple!

Society has a set of definition of what "good" girls should look like and dress like. What is the right time to get "settled" and what they mean by getting "settled". And no, life doesn't get simpler after getting settled, there's another set of rules and definitions of how we need to behave and wear and do and not do after getting "settled". 

Now, many will say that you know I have supportive parents and blah blah and stuff. But somewhere down the line our parents have to give up to the pressure of society. End of the day you have to coexist with the society and you need their support. Unless you or your parents are Ambanis or Tatas, you are not good to go. And if the girl is too "modern" then the society doesn't spear a breathe in talking rubbish about her. 

But I want to say on behalf of all the girls that being modern does not make us less traditional or that we won’t respect others. We know the difference between tradition and superstition. If we don't know how to cook then it doesn't make us less of a girl. If a girl does not like wearing suit or a saree then it is her decision, why does society feel dressing in a certain way means respect. It is our body and we are free to wear what we like. 
Another controversial topic is "marriage". And oh my god! The pressure! "Get married before all the 'good' guys get settled" " Get married fast or you won’t have babies" "Get married before you lose your glow"
Seriously? When society should be saying "Get married when you are ready to get married."

We are modern and we love tradition. We are logical and we are practical. We "modern" girls do not follow tradition and norms of society blindly. Yes we raise our doubts and we have many different views, but we know what our line is. Stop judging us and making assumptions of what is right for us. We are also beings and do not deny us the right of being one. Think twice before talking about a girl and judging them, without even knowing their story. It is very easy to spread a rumour but it is not easy being a Proud Girl.

Just keep it real
The CHIC Gazette

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