Thursday, 17 May 2018

Basics made interesting

So I definitely have to start off the blog by saying "it has been ages since I blogged last". As you all know, I am coming up with quite a few (I know it's not a lot) videos on YouTube. I just got so engrossed and involved in it that whatever new ideas I have I end up with a YouTube video for it. BTW if you have not yet subscribed to my channel then do it right away (link), I got a custom URL!

So, of course for this idea, I had to make a blog. Basically, the blog is about basic simple looks but with a hint of style and a dash of glam to it. I have created three looks keeping the basic elements in mind and have added a twist to it to make it look interesting. Most of these looks are great for any occasion (I mean if the occasion is not formal) and for all age groups, So let's get started with the looks!

The classic One 

The first look had to be hands down basic white t-shirt and blue jeans. Now, this particular look has been inspired by Deepika Padukone's Cannes look. DP has created some fabulous looks this year at Cannes and this particular style of her's was the inspiration behind this blog. 

The look is very simple and effortless. Instead of wearing your t-shirt the boring way, tie it with a knot and wear it with high waist jeans. The small hint of skin showing at the waist looks very sassy and is a safe bet at the same time. Complete the look with a beige stiletto and you are good to go.

The white magic

White is always soothing for summers. So I decided to create the second look with white jeans. It is a simple look, just pair your white denim with any kind of camisole and a white shoes and the look is complete. I tried to go all white for this one, wore a white shirt with the jeans, but the look became too formal and so I decided to go with camisoles. Whites and camisoles are your BFFs during summer, so this look is totally a win-win. The style is very effortless and can be pulled off very easily.

The cheat co-ords

Co-ords look sexy, right? The best way to create a co-ords is to go for a denim on denim look. Denim on denim can never fail to impress and they look casually chic. Go for a similar tone of jeans and jacket to make it look like co-ords. You can wear a bralette or a crop top inside the denim jacket. The look is very glam in itself and a lot is going on so I decided to wear beige ballerinas to complete this look. Ballerinas are my go-to footwear during summer as they are so comfortable and cute!

That was it with the 3 looks. Hope you get inspired and try them this summer. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, if you create any look inspired by this blog, do tag me on Instagram and I will definitely post them in my stories.

Keep it chic!
The Chic Gazette

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